The Lifted Lady

Posted by Keisha Mitchell On Sept - 14 - 2009

It is amazing to me how several of the most coveted positions (in the church and in the secular world) appear, from the outside view, to carry great grandeur and few tribulations. However, this is a great misconception. Many desire to carry the titles of honor, but they truly do not understand the reality of the burden that comes with these positions.

Removing The Clutter

Posted by Paulette Harper On Sept - 14 - 2009

Do you have a closet that no one is allowed to open? I wonder why not. Is it full of junk and you keep telling yourself you are going to use one day? Just like cleaning out the closet, at times we need to do a spiritual and emotional cleaning.

Don't Stop The Love

Posted by Tanya White On Sept - 14 - 2009

Have you noticed that now that Valentine’s Day is history you have made being in and demonstrating love a mystery? Your unexpected kisses have been kicked to the curve. The peace has passed away. Your loving words of encouragement and compassion have quickly crept away like a thief in the night.

God Has The Final Say

Posted by Tonya Blount June - 1 - 2009

After years of emotional, physical, and verbal abuse, I finally ended my marriage. My exodus wasn’t planned. After a vicious beating that led to my arrest (at my former husband insistence), I prayed to God and heard an audible voice that asked, “Are you ready to Leave the Wilderness?” Several days later, I packed up my children and left. I had no plan and nowhere to go. We were immediately homeless...

Flawless Every Time

Posted by Elizabeth Hamilton On Sept - 14 - 2009

Every stiletto has her secrets to her own personal style. These coveted secrets cannot be gleaned from the glossy magazines at the checkout stands in the grocery store or the latest best-selling guide to style.

Managing The Stress In Our Temples

Posted by Patricia Bridewell On Sept - 14 - 2009

Have you ever had those days when you just wanted to throw your hands in the air and give up? I know the feeling because I have rough days, too. The burden of stress falls on all of us and although it can be challenging, it is something we must all face. I would like to share some faith-based information and stress management techniques that I hope will help you cope with the stress in your lives.

Hi Faithful! Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for Faith Filled Stilettos Magazine. Below are the questions I’d like for you to answer honestly. Place your answers in the comment box below. I appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts with us.

1. Tell us about the last time someone told you they loved you. Did you believe them?

2. When people go through difficult relationships they often carry around “baggage” that keeps them from moving forward? What advice would you give to someone who wants to love, but is afraid to? Then ask yourself, are you carrying around any baggage?

3. When was the last time you did something nice for yourself? If it’s been awhile, please tell us why.

4. Finish this sentence. A woman’s value is determined by…?

5. Finish this thought. I really want to learn to love again, but…?

6. If you had a continuation to the question above, tell us why you feel it's so hard to give/receive love?

7. Do you love yourself? Why or why not?

8. Read all the answers to the questions above. Have you written anything about yourself that comes to you as a surprise?

9. Tell us one thing you will do differently today that will help you learn how to love yourself. I'm reading: My InterviewTweet this!

1 Response to "My Interview"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    1. Yesterday and the day before. I dont believe those individuals loves me because their actions do not correspond with their words.

    2.I would simply say "let it go". Your past is not the bookmark to your future. Yes, I do have baggage. Hence why have been single for so long. Only one man can take that away ....I just recently asked him to "Father heal me of my past hurts old things have passed away; behold all things have become new because I have you in the center of my life". That's been my daily prayer.

    3.I treated myself to a pedicure

    4. A womens value is determined by the love, respect, and value she has for herself... Which can only be found through Christ. I realized that I had a false sense of value growing up. Then at twenty three I read The lady, Her lover, and Her lord... and all that changed.

    5. I want to learn to trust again but Im finding it hard to trust and surrender. Im gaurded.

    6. I believe I can give love all day....Its just hard for me to recieve love. im afraid to love and lose.

    7.I do love myself...Because Ive made some hard decisions to let go relationships that would have been detremential to my spirit...A few years ago I wouldnt have deemed myself worthy of such choices.

    8.No, Im surprised that Im typing all this on the net. But I want to be honest.

    9.Listen to the Holy Ghost.


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